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What we do.

Assess Global Threats

We don’t just want to reduce the impact of terrorism – we want to anticipate and negate the probable means of attack.

Why This Matters

Analyze Open Source Intelligence

Employed without restriction or politics, open-source intelligence presents us with our most efficient option for exposing deadly global terrorism methodologies and trends as they occur.

Our Approach

Compile Comprehensive Reports

We use common news articles and straightforward language to enable you to identify threat indicators while they are in motion.

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Access the Global Terrorist Methodologies & Trends Report

The Global Terrorism Methodologies and Trends report (GTMT) provides users with timely open source intelligence. At its core, GTMT serves as a collaborative clue engine—aggregately exposing transnational terror links, tradecraft, adaptations and scope of operations. Analysis is deliberately apolitical, plain spoken, vulnerability-oriented, aggregate in value and occasionally provocative.

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Trenchant Analysis Global Terrorist Methodologies and Trends Report

  • “Trenchant—Global Terrorism Methodologies and Trends—offers the best and most comprehensive compilation and analysis of terrorist acts, methods, tactics, strategies and trends available in a weekly format in the world today. Not only are the incidents compiled from open source material and arranged by country, developing themes are identified and emerging technologies and political changes in the terrorist landscape are identified, explicated and analyzed. It does not get any better than this.
    Don G. Schley, Phd, Post-Doc, PMP
  • I highly recommend the Trenchant Global Terrorism Methodologies and Trends Report to law enforcement command, tactical officers and intelligence analysts. This report provides a unique global view of current information on national/international terrorist/criminal high-threat incidents that have already occurred including a synopsis of the incident. By reviewing these incidents and comparing them to similar types of targets in your community, you can develop threat and vulnerability assessments as well as contingency plans for take back strategies.
    John Gnagey, former Executive Director for the National Tactical Officers Association (2003-2011)

    "I use it for Antiterrorism Awareness Briefs and for input for my Instructional Courses, that I mentor on Awareness, Response to Bombing courses, Surveillance Detection courses...In addition; Intel Officers and Antiterrorism Officers use them for Briefs & 'Send Outs' to the tenant commands.  These are Operating Forces as well as Installation professionals.

    Bottom Line:  This is still my "Best & Favorite" Resource in my realm of expertise."

    U.S. Marine Corps, Retired; DOD Instructor

Don't think that terrorist methodologies or trends will affect you?

You'd be surprised! Trenchant Analysis Reports are invaluable to a variety of different professions and organizations.

Humanitarian Aid, in specific, involves a gamut of safety and security concerns for those who carry out these life-saving missions across the world. It's important to stay informed.

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